How to Use 9Anime App?

On 28/11/2023, we have launched a new 9anime app. The biggest issue we have worked on in this app is its ad problems. 99% of ads have been reduced in our New App. You can use the 9anime app utterly free without the hassle of extra ads.

But few ads are given for our income. Because of these ads, watching anime videos will be easy if you follow only 1 step.

Details are given below.

How to Use 9Anime App?

1. Open the app and it will look like the picture below.

How to use 9anime app-1

If an ad opens while using the app, clicking on the button named “Click To Go Back To 9Anime App” will take you back to the app.

How to Use 9anime App

If you still need help with using the 9Anime app, contact us.

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