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9anime is a popular Anime movie, cartoon, and TV series Video Streaming Website. We have officially launched 9anime android apps for better-watching anime videos on mobile devices. Here you can watch and download all kinds of anime videos such as TV series, Movies, OVA, ONA, and AMVs for free. The 9anime app is very user-friendly. You can watch free dubbed and subbed anime content in full HD videos in the 9anime app. More than 200 million plus people use the 9anime website and app daily.

9anime App

9anime – Official Domains And Proxies

9anime has many official domains and uploads new anime content there every day. As 9anime changes its domains every few days, bookmark our website by pressing Ctrl + D to get regular updates on new domains.
List of official domains is given below.

How To Use 9anime App?

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Using the 9amine apk is very easy. This app is designed to be very user-friendly. Follow the below steps to use the 9anime app.

  1. First, download the 9anime Android apk and install it on your mobile.
  2. Open the app and click on the search bar to find the anime TV series, Movies, OVA, ONA, and AMVs you went to watch.
  3. If you come across any ads or pop-ups, close those ads.
  4. Now enjoy watching your anime shows and movies with your friends and family.

Is 9anime app safe to use?

yes, the 9Anime apk is entirely safe. Our website and app were launched in 2016. We have not yet received any user reports that they have been in danger using this app. If you don’t want to see any ads and pop-ups in this app, then you can use the AdBlocker extension.

Does 9anime need subscription?

9amine is a free app, users do not need to pay any subscription charges in this app. By opening the app, users can watch and download unlimited anime and movies anytime without paying.

9anime App Supports In Which Countries?

9anime app can be used all over the world. you can use the 9anime Android apk from any country.

How to Download ios 9anime app?

We have only launched the Android 9anime app. iOS app is still under development. When the development work of the iOS app is finished, you can download and use 9Anime iOS App.

Future of the 9Anime App

Future of the 9Anime App

9Anime is an easy-to-use and free app that helps you watch Anime content on your smartphone or tablet. It has a wide range of Anime content, including new releases and classic Anime. This app lets you keep track of your favourite shows and movies and create watchlists. You can also download Anime videos to watch offline.

Here are some of the vital future of the 9Anime app.

  • Wide selection of anime content: Currently, the 9Anime app has a wide range of content of more than ten thousand Anime videos. You can find Anime from all genres, including action, comedy, adventure, drama, horror, fantasy, mystery, romance, and shounen.
  • high-quality streaming: In the 9Anime app, you can watch high-quality Anime videos in 1080 and 4k resolution for free. That means you can enjoy your favourite anime series and movies in different resolutions in the best possible way.
  • Downloading for offline viewing: The 9Anime app lets you download videos to watch your favourite Anime Series offline. Doing this lets you watch Anime videos even if your device is not connected to the Internet.
  • Watchlist: The 9Anime app has an option called watchlist, which lets you keep track of your favourite Anime shows and movies. Through this watchlist, you can save what you want to watch in the watchlist and watch it later.
  • Ad-free streaming: 9 Anime app offers ad-free streaming. That means that ads make it difficult to watch anime series because of hope on your device. All those ads don’t come in this app, so that you can watch anime series without the hassle of extra ads.
  • Customizable user interface: 9Anime app is designed in a user-friendly way. So that Anime lovers can easily enjoy their favourite Anime shows and movies using the 9Anime app.
  • Notification about the new Anime release: 9Anime app sends you daily notifications about new anime releases so that you can watch or download Anime content first.
  • Community future: 9Anime app has a community section that allows you to communicate with other Anime lovers. In this community section, you can discuss and criticize Anime and make new friends.
  • Search function: 9Anime app has a powerful search function that lets you search for videos by specific Anime titles.
  • Regular updates: 9Anime app is updated every day, and new features are added. If you face any difficulty using the 9Anime app, then you can contact the expert team of the 9anime app. 9Anime expert team will resolve your issue as soon as possible.

If you are an Anime fan, then the 9Anime app will help you watch your favourite series and movies. No payment is required to use it, so that you can watch anime series and movies for free.


Is 9anime apk safe to use?

The 9anime app you use from https://9animeapp.pro/ is the Official app Totally safe for you.

What’s the official 9Anime site?

9anime.to Is a official 9Anime website.

What’s the 9Anime original app?

Go to https://9animeapp.pro/ website, Here is 9Anime original app. Download the 9Anime app & enjoy Anime TV series, Movies and more.

What is the 9anime App?

9anime App is a mobile app that lets you watch and download anime shows and movies for free. Also, this App provides a convenient way to enjoy your favourite anime videos offline.

How do I download the 9anime App?

First, visit the 9animeapp.pro website, then click on the “download page” button, then click on the “download app” button, then click on the “download APK” button; now the 9anime Android app will start downloading on your device.

Is the 9anime App free to use?

Yes, 9anime APK is a free Android app. No payment is required to use it.

Can I watch anime offline with the 9anime App?

Yes, 9anime’s main feature is that you can watch your favourite anime content offline. You can download anime show episodes and movies on your device and watch videos without the internet.

What download qualities are available?

9anime offers a variety of streaming qualities, such as 720p, 1080p, and 4K. You can download the qualities your device supports and the qualities you want to watch anime videos.

Is the content of the 9anime App legal?

Yes, the 9anime App only provides access to creators’ approved anime content. This App does not offer any illegal anime content access.

Can I create a playlist of my favourite anime?

Yes, the 9anime App allows you to create a playlist of your favourite anime series. It will enable you to quickly access and watch the anime content you like.

How often is the App updated with new contacts?

This App uploads the latest anime series and episodes for the users. Push notifications notify users with alerts when the newest content is uploaded to the 9anime App.

How can I contact 9anime support?

If you face any problem in the App, you can contact the 9anime support team through the app website. 9anime support team is very responsive and helpful.

Can I request a specific anime title to be added?

Yes, if the anime content you requested is unavailable in the 9anime App, you can send the details of the content you requested through the support page of the 9anime website. After receiving your message, the 9anime support team will add the requested content to the 9anime App within 24 hours.

How can I improve the streaming quality of 9 anime?

There are some instructions, and following those instructions can improve the streaming quality of 9anime. They are provided below:

1. Your device should have a strong internet connection.
2. Use a good VPN to improve your security and privacy.
3. Use a browser that supports HTML5 video playback, like Chrome, Firefox, Opera, etc.
4. Delete the cash and cookies on your browser.

What is the alternative App to 9anime?

There are several alternative applications to 9anime. Such as:

1. KissAnime
2. Amazon Prime Video
3. Netflix
4. Hulu
5. Crunchyroll
6. GoGoAnime
7. AnimeHeaven
8. AnimeDao
9. AnimeFLV
10. Funimation

A variety of anime content can be seen within these apps. But according to users, 9anime is the best App.


The 9Anime app is a great way to watch anime on your mobile device. It has a wide variety of content, including new releases and classic anime, and offers high-quality streaming and downloading options. The app is also free and ad-free, making it an excellent value for anime fans.

Disclaimer: Our own server does not host any anime content. We share only 9anime official APK information. If you have any complaints about this APK or want to know any information then you can contact us.